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We would like to invite you to come and have a drink and enjoy good company, whatever the reason. Whether you're celebrating your birthday, graduating, having an anniversary or just want to enjoy yourself with friends, at Botanique we create the perfect atmosphere for your festive occasion. 

Curious about what extra festive offers we have to make your event even more fun? (Almost) anything is possible! Get in touch with us and we'll look at the possibilities together!  

Drink options

Choose from one of our various atmospheric spaces, with us everything is possible! From outside in the sun to cozy in our restaurant or at the bar.

up to 30 persons

up to 90 persons 


Make sure you and your party lack nothing by choosing from one of our beverage packages!

Choose from one of our various beverage arrangements starting at €12.5 p.p.p.h.

A tasty snack to accompany your drinks? Ask about our options!